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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Varsha Kharatmal - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Varsha Kharatmal ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su espacio en facebook.

The Color Emotion Guide

The Color Emotion Guide

Create Your Own Light Sculpture with Dodecado Block of Light

Be creative and build your own block of light using Dodecado . You can create your own totem or sculpture to light up any room, thanks to the magnetic feature of each block that allows you to stick each block onto one another. The pentagon shape allows for great flexibility when designing your light, therefore, it functions as decorative object in any living space as well. The light intensity is bright enough to be used as a desk lamp , you can even use it as a single unit for a subtle night light. This light device comes with a rechargeable battery powered option, therefore, it can be used independently of the PowerDeck for outdoor activities. One PowerDeck can support up to 8 light cubes at a time. You can support the project here . Designer : Ledamp Industries Create Your Own Light Sculpture with Dodecado Block of Light is originally posted on Tuvie

Mother of All Swiss Army Knives (7 pics)

Mother of all Swiss Army knives is a multiblade folding knife that has 100 blades and even a functional .22-caliber fivhot pinfire revolver. It was made in Germany in 1880s. It does not have a bottle opener, because the bottle cap as we know wasn’t invented until 1892.

25 Government Shutdown Memes

The post 25 Government Shutdown Memes appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Mercury Concept Bike Utilizes Aero Gel Within The Body In Order To Float In Water

Mercury concept bike was a project for the brand “ Quiksilver ” in 2027, the designer was asked to design a vehicle for a brand that hasn’t had any affiliation with the automotive industry. Mercury has been designed for the brand’s target users, its form and function is highly inspired by the brand’s target consumer and their surfing culture. This motorbike is designed to be amphibious, by packing “aero gel” within the body thus providing the bike with buoyancy in the water, a propeller is also installed at the rear which provides the thrust needed in water. Dearman liquid air engine is utilized to take and store air as a liquid and uses it as a gas which exhausts cold air instead of pollution. Designer : Dennis Yu Mercury concept bike aims to gather the exciting and daring experience that Quiksilver has been providing as a brand and transform them into a concept vehicle that would be appropriate for the brand in the future. This project is unique because there hasn’t been a