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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Good Part of Detroit (28 pics)

Detroit is not only about abandoned places. There is a good part of the city.

Side by Side Handle for Wheelchair Allows Caregiver to Walk Alongside The Person Seated in The Chair

Have you ever heard a joke where a wife keeps complaining that her husband talks behind her back and pushes her around, well, the husband says “what do you expect? You’re in a wheelchair”. Yeah, that’s why Side by Side concept extension handle is a smart idea. It’s actually a simple extension handle for wheelchair but it allows caregiver to walk alongside the person seated in the chair instead of walking behind. In this way, they both can have eye contacts, face to face conversation, this is really important especially when taking care kids with special needs, they need to communicate with their surroundings and guardians. All this is made possible with an extension handle designed by Tammy Kalinsky, the concept handle design was influenced by children’s bicycle, it also features a horn and flash light so that children can also take part of the walk and have great interactive experience. Designer : Tammy Kalinsky Side by Side Handle for Wheelchair Allows Caregiver to Walk Alon

Advertisers, You Need YouTube

Advertisers, You Need YouTube

River House by McClellan Architects

McClellan Architects have designed the River House, located on the Columbia River in Washington, USA. Architect: McClellan Architects Photography: Patrick Barta