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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Box House by Zouk Architects

Zouk Architects have designed the Box House in Sydney, Australia. Architect: Zouk Architects Photography: 3.2.1 Photography

Winners Named in 2013 Marvin Architect’s Challenge

Marvin Windows and Doors unveiled ten stellar winners of the Marvin Architect’s Challenge this month, representing the best examples of solution-driven design, innovation, classic beauty and sustainability. The entries reflected amazing talent and diverse aesthetics, ranging from a “house in the trees” with organic architecture and one-of-a-kind curved windows to a “patchwork-style barn home” with modern touches. Casey Key Bay House Click image for slideshow. The Casey Key Bay House, or “House in the Trees” designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects evokes organic architecture punctuated by one-of-a-kind Marvin windows curved with the wall and ceiling. Click image for slideshow. The large custom windows create a seamless transition from nature to the inside of the home, adding to the treehouse-esque concept. . Bragg Hill House Click image for slideshow. Bragg Hill house by Moger Mehrhof Architects embodies the true farmhouse style and was built to incorporate sustainability wh

Agile Development Methodology Talent Gap

Agile Development Methodology Talent Gap

Anti-smoking Campaign (7 pics)

People from HealthExpress dressed as zombies were promoting anti-smoking campaign in the streets of London.

Jasper Place Branch Library by Hughes Condon Marler and Dub Architects

Hughes Condon Marler together with Dub Architects have designed the Jasper Place Branch Library in Edmonton, Canada. Description A shortlisted project for the World Building of the Year 2013, Jasper Place Library is a joint-venture between HCMA and Dub Architects. The City of Edmonton aspired to create an open and memorable presence in the community with the replacement Jasper Place Library. The City required a sustainable design to fulfill present and future library needs and uses, to welcome all demographics and to accommodate future reorganizations of the collection and reading areas. What is a Library that has no books? This is the central question that informed the design of the Jasper Place Branch Library. This project, one of many branch libraries within the Edmonton Public Library’s system, replaced an earlier small library which was located on the same site. The client’s goals focused upon providing a new social heart within an older suburban neighbourhood while providin