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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Luccho - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Lucia Chocholáčková ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web y/o su espacio en facebook .

Gallery House by Atelier rzlbd

Atelier rzlbd have designed the Gallery House in Ontario, Canada. Description The Gallery House is a contemporary residential structure that adapts an institutional/commercial typology in that all of the spaces have been aligned and arranged along a galleria. One can imagine that all of the served and servant areas of the house have been plugged in to this empty spine. They then have been stretched out to the north and south where they gain exposures, views and natural light. Located in Old Thornhill, a neighborhood in the town of Markham just on the northern edge of Toronto, the sloped lot rests at the end of a cul-de-sac. The clients had desired to integrate all of the main functional spaces of the house on the main floor level. This forced the final design to be a 60-foot wide wood and steel structure that accentuates the stretched east-west horizontal figure. Due to the steep slope of the property, one half of the basement is sunken while the other half enjoys the view and acc

BIG BOYS (and not only) recreating their childhood photos

You know those childhood photos that we all have that are so adorable? Well, it turns out if you recreate the exact same shot as an adult the result is both hilarious and creepy. VIA The post BIG BOYS (and not only) recreating their childhood photos appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Blue Angels (61 pics)

The Blue Angels is the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron. It was formed in 1946, making it the second oldest formal flying aerobatic team (flying under the same name) in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931. The Blue Angels' six demonstration pilots fly the F/A-18 Hornet in more than 70 shows at 34 locations throughout the United States each year, where they still employ many of the same practices and techniques used in their aerial displays in 1946. An estimated 11 million spectators view the squadron during air shows each year. The Blue Angels also visit more than 50,000 people a show season (March through November) in schools and hospitals. Since 1946, the Blue Angels have flown for more than 260 million spectators.