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theonlymagicleftisart:Paintings by Tran Nguyen, an...

Queen VS Bieber

WTF is wrong with people? The post Queen VS Bieber appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Avoiding Awkward Situations – 15 Animated GIFs

1. Just Keep Walking and Don’t Look Back 2. Stay the Course 3. Act Natural 4. Scratch your nose (or stroke your chin) 5. Wait for Assistance 6. Keep Your Momentum 7. Just Hug It Out 8. Don’t Let It Phase You 9. Act Like You Meant To Do It 10. Follow Through By Any Means Necessary 11. Ride It Out and Hope for the Best 12. Make Light Of It 13. Be Nonchalant About The Whole Thing 14. Hope Nobody Saw It 15. Accept Defeat and Walk Away *Bonus* Source The post Avoiding Awkward Situations – 15 Animated GIFs appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting

Alexa Meade thinks completely backwards. Most artists use acrylic paints to create portraits of people on canvas. But not Meade - she applies acrylic paints on her subjects and makes them appear to be a part of the painting!

Rammed Earth Modern House by Brent Kendle

Kendle Design Collaborative have designed a rammed earth house in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Description A modest single story hillside home designed for a family wishing to downsize and simplify. The feel of this home is evocative of the mid-century modern homes which once dominated the surrounding area before the McMansion craze of the last decade. Humble, natural materials such as rammed earth walls, limestone floors and Douglass Fir wood ceilings are woven inside and out in a sophisticated play of interlocking interior and exterior living spaces. The scale of the home is decidedly “cozy” and visually calm with a minimalist approach to materials and detailing, allowing the focus to be on art and nature, meeting the owners goal of creating a home of simple sophisticated elegance without being boastful. Architect: Kendle Design Collaborative Photography: Winquist Photography, Phoenix, AZ