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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Don’t try these at home!!!

Hey, life is hard. You might not always know when you’re making a bad decision, like when you’re about to pole dance in your living room or jump on a fast-running treadmill. But don’t worry. Let these helpful GIFs tell you what not to try at home credit for the images here The post Don’t try these at home!!! appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Shark Cat Cleans The Kitchen: The Saga of Shark Cat Continues In honor of Shark Week, here’s a video of everyone’s favorite shark-outfitted, roomba-riding cat using his preferred form of transportation to clean the kitchen. Well, maybe he’s not cleaning it, he could just be riding the Roomba for fun. Either way it’s incredible. Sources: Huffpost and YouTube The post Shark Cat Cleans The Kitchen: The Saga of Shark Cat Continues appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Eco-Friendly and Minimalist Levitation Bike With Triangular Frame

Levitation bike is an eco-friendly bicycle that charges your gadgets, from smartphones to tablets. It is mean to be used in our community since using this bike on the community scale would produce clean and sustainable energy , there’s a USB port hidden at the handlebars. The pedal power produces energy, thanks to on-board generator, which is stored at high capacity batteries. You can monitor how much electricity has been generated through the LCD screen as well as your heart rate, and by the way, this bike doubles as WiFi hotspot as well. When you need the electricity power stored in this bike, just connect your gadgets to the USB port, as simple as that. This bike also features “drain plug” system that allows you to offload any spare power back into the grid. Designers : Michael Strain, Ramerio Diaz and Brandon Hartley You probably notice something unusual with the bike’s frame, it features triangular shape which is made from HIMACS material. The idea is to have everyone

Don't Design by Committee!

Don't Design by Committee!