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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Northbridge House by Roth Architecture

Roth Architecture have designed the Northbridge House, located in Sydney, Australia. Description Located in an area of Sydney where the vegetation still prevails over the human footprint, Northbridge House balances the use of contemporary industrial materials within the surrounding Australian bush context. The building’s restrained and solid street presence, opens at the rear and cascades down the sloping site. Timber is used to soften the architecture, providing texture, rhythm, balance and a device that filters light throughout the home. Key materials: Rendered masonry, zinc cladding, spotted gum trims and details, polished concrete. Architect: Alex Roth, Roth Architecture Photographer: Murray Fredericks

Guido Daniele - Arte

Recojo una muestra de trabajos que " Guido Daniele " ha realizado para publicitar una marca de relojes .

How Big Are The Biggest Waves Ever Surfed?

How Big Are The Biggest Waves Ever Surfed?

It's Time to Empower Moms

It's Time to Empower Moms

Double Amputee Soldier to Tackle Race from Hell (13 pics)

Lance Bombardier James Simpson, 27, is set to be the first double amputee to take part in a Spartan Race event. Spartan Race is an open country run punctuated with a range of punishing, surprise obstacles - from mud crawls and ice-pit plunges to cargo-net climbs and fire-log leaps.

KOMRAD Respirator by Tetsugaku Sasahara

The brief of this project was to design protective gear for 2017, Tetsugaku Sasahara designed KOMRAD Respirator as an alternative to most commonly used respirator in the world 3M 6000. It is intended to be used by artists, designers and students to protect themselves from toxic particles. The existing product is actually inexpensive, however, it doesn’t design to protect you very well and it’s uncomfortable to wear. Based on interviews of 25 participants, 95% do not perform user seal checks ever, this is a standard procedure to test the validity of seal on face before each use. Why? Because no one knows about it due to insufficient user manual. KOMRAD Respirator offers effective, intuitive, and portable design. It folds in half with built-in zipper lock for great portability and sterility. Trust us, comfort is not overrated, most people choose not to use respirator because they prefer comfort over their health. Designer : Tetsugaku Sasahara This concept respirator is equipped w

Inflatable Furniture : Sidetable and Stool by Philipp Beisheim

Philipp Beisheim has designed inflatable furniture (sidetable and stool) to answer the need against consumer society and a dialogue based on new means of expression. This unique approach allows user to interact with objects in different way, in this case, by blowing up their furniture. This inflatable furniture is fabricated using a highly durable neoprene polyester fabric “Hypalon”. The first time inflatable furniture appeared was in 1960’s which provoked many reactions from different groups of people, however, they all surprise with elements of beauty inspired by pure need. Designer : Philipp Beisheim Inflatable Furniture : Sidetable and Stool by Philipp Beisheim is originally posted on Tuvie