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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Breaking Bad at Comic Con….

BREAKING BAD SURPRISES.. Source The post Breaking Bad at Comic Con…. appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Low Budget Movie Posters (12 pics)

Onyx 41 Yacht Features Fully Touch Screen Controls and Joystick Steering

Together, DeBasto Designs and Hodgdon Shipbuilding have released Onyx 41 yacht concept that features sleek and stylish line, easy to look at as well as to operate. This yacht sets new standard of technology applications in yacht of its class, fully touch screen controls to remote monitoring, self-deploying integrated fender system, built-in dock line handling, joystick steering, and hybrid electric propulsion. Operating this yacht would be more convenient and offer you a different experience than usual. Just in case the superiority of those features above don’t impress you, let’s take a look and the level of luxury aboard . You’ll find generous space inside this yacht, a large berth, wrap around settee, galley and head with awesome opening skylights above. Applying the open-air concept, the deck features semi-enclosed lounge that dramatically exposes you to the outside world through a sliding skylight roof. Massive integrated furniture flow smoothly nearly full length of the availabl

Rhinoskin – Second Chance Gear by Hila Raam

Rhinoskin backpack is your second chance gear backpack that you should have with you when you happen to be in a war zone. This Kevlar rucksack comes with built-in protective hood, a smart civilian personal protection system. Designed by Hila Raam, this backpack is intended to be used as your personal protection against debris and impact of missile and rocket attacks. It protects your head, neck, back and sides of the body, but specifically vital organs like your brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. The designer hopes that this design can help reduce the number of fatalities associated with terror attacks. You can still use it as regular bag , you can wear the vest as a stand alone or combine it with the backpack as one unit. In the even of an emergency, when you hear the air-raid sirens, simply pull the side traps of the bag around your chest, the protective hood will cover your head and you should lie flat on the ground for cover and avoid any shrapnel from exploding bomb or shell. Desi

OnBeat Solar Headphones Simultaneously Charge Your Gadgets

Charge your iphone or tablet while on-the-go with the help from OnBeat Solar Headphones . It’s an eco friendly headphones where you can use to charge your devices by taking advantage of the solar energy . We know that many of us just can’t keep ourselves away from checking our emails, sending texts, checking social medias, listening to music, or playing games from our smartphones or gadgets. These activities drain our mobile battery so fast that we have to carry our charger, extra battery, or a powerbank anywhere with us. This set of headphones not only will provide excellent sound quality but also simultaneously re-charges your gadgets when needed. The headband is fully covered with flexible solar panels, it means these headphones would collect energy everytime you wear it under the sun. The inspiration came from the frustration of limited mobile battery life, it sucks when you have low battery life while you still want to listen to your music. You can carry extra battery or a powerba