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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

One Wybelenna by Shaun Lockyer Architects

Shaun Lockyer Architects have designed a house named One Wybelenna in Brisbane, Australia. Description One Wybelenna was a house born out of a remnant of a Robin Gibson cottage that existed on the site and was a bit of a landmark in the area. The design, inspired by the work of both Gibson (and Neutra in turn) is a contemporary re-interpretation of the modernist language and remains a narrative throughout the design down to the “orb” fireplace. The house enjoys a long, linear plan with all rooms designed to soak up winter sun and give direct pool and garden access for the long summers. The house, despite its size, has a strong sustainability agenda and includes turf roofs, 140,000L of water, 15KW of solar power, recycled materials (stone and timber) along with all the “first principal” design ideas that one would expect. A natural palette of zinc, tallowwood, slate and travertine create a robust aesthetic that aims toward a timeless architecture.