Friday, July 12, 2013

People of Walmart

With and Without Makeup (12 pics)

Girls with and without makeup.

Battle of the (Social) Sexes

Battle of the (Social) Sexes

7 Highest Cities in the World

Like the microscopic bacteria, human beings too have learned to evolve and flourish in extreme conditions – from the scorching heat of the Sahara to the freezing tundra of Siberia. Even in inhospitable, high mountains where life supporting oxygen is low, humans have been living for millennia. Some 140 million people live permanently at high altitudes above 2,500 meters or 8,200 feet, in the Himalayas in Asia, the Andes in South America and in the Ethiopian Highlands of Africa, and some actually prosper in sprawling cities. Here we present 7 very high cities and settlements, each of which is located above 10,000 feet in elevation.

La Rinconada

La Rinconada in Peru is an old gold-mining camp in the remote Peruvian Andes, that has grown to ‘major city’ status. Over 50,000 people live in this mountainous city at an altitude of 16,732 feet (5,100 m). It lays claim to the title of “highest city in the world.”


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Urban Tent Backpack Transforms Into Retractable Tent

Urban Tent Backpack was an MA project of Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling. The design is based on real experiences of homeless people living in the streets, it’s important for Terpling to understand the context and the people he design for. This backpack provides 3 basic needs of homeless people so that they can improve their lifestyle much better: mobility, storage, and shelter. We can see it’s also good as camping equipment, what’s not to like, in one product you’ll get to keep your personal belongings and a place to sleep at night. It’s a hybrid backpack that expands to retractable tent.

Designer : Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling

Urban Tent Backpack by Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling

Urban Tent Backpack by Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling

Urban Tent Backpack by Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling

Urban Tent Backpack by Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling

Urban Tent Backpack Transforms Into Retractable Tent is originally posted on Tuvie

Piermont by Rachcoff Vella Architecture

Rachcoff Vella Architecture have designed a house named Piermont located in Ballarat, Australia.


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Architect: Rachcoff Vella Architecture

Photography: Shannon McGrath