Friday, January 4, 2013

Jason Tozer’s Planetary Bubbles

These planetary pictures of Jupiter like gas-giants with swirling hurricanes are actually common soap bubbles.
Photographer Jason Tozer was commissioned to make these using Sony's Alpha 350 DSLR camera by the visual communication magazine Creative Review. The shoot came about after Sony approached Creative Review in 2008 looking for a way in which to demonstrate the capabilities of its new Alpha 350 D-SLR camera, which was just released.
Despite the surreal nature of the shots, these images were all created entirely in camera with no post processing and no use of filters.
To achieve the planet-like images, Tozer began by blowing through a straw into a plate of the solution and turning the camera on what formed on the near-side of the dish. He then used a lens cap wet with solution to achieve a single bubble shape to photograph.

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