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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Escalator for WTC (10 pics)

Hoisting an escalator to the 101st Floor of 1 WTC.

Futuristic TriMove Motorbike by Mohammad Ghezel

Futuristic TriMove motorbike is a three-wheel concept vehicle that utilizes electromechanical technology to support any complex movement in any part of its body and wheel. As you can see here, the three wheels are arranged in triangle shape to keep the balance while not on-the-move. Its 3 disc braking system means it requires less braking space. Equipped with 2 LCD display, driver can easily see any information about the bike such as current speed, battery life and time. There are many 3-wheelers out there which offer weird and bad design with many exposed elements, some even difficult to lean into corners. TriMove motorbike features narrow body that provides agility and aerodynamic styling you would expect from a fierce motorbike. Designer : Mohammad Ghezel