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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

The 20 Coolest Christmas Trees of 2012

The people of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, may well think that they have the coolest Christmas tree of 2012.  This abstract light installation has somewhat usurped tradition, as a 65ft pine tree from the forests of the Ardennes usually takes pride of place in the city's central square, the Grand Place.  Of course, depending on taste you may hate this seasonal replacement, which many Belgians have dubbed The Pharmacy because of the resemblance it bears to the green cross outside chemists the world over. Image Credit Flickr User Tahwei Image Credit Flickr User Simon Aughton Yet is it truly the coolest Christmas tree of 2012? We have scoured the globe for trees, from the traditional to the ultra-modern which might compete against the Brussels tree if there were a Coolest Christmas tree competition. See what you think of our yuletide discoveries. Singapore Image Credit Flickr User Chooyutshing Washington DC, USA Image Credit Flickr User urbanbohemi

Abandoned Aircraft Engine Testing Shop