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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Bruce Lee Statue

On the 27 November Bruce Lee, perhaps the most influential martial artist of all time, would have been 72 years old. Almost forty years after his death his legacy continues. In Hong Kong, where a number of his movies were made, a statue was erected in 2005. The stunning backdrop of the Chinese city is perfect for Bruce Lee’s famous ready to strike pose from the Fist of Fury movie. Image Credit Flickr User Roy Chung Image Credit Flickr User Inti Hong Kong’s enormous legion of Bruce Lee fans raised over $US100,000 for the sculpture to be erected to honor the Jeet Kune Do legend.  The statue stands alongside Hong Kong’s Avenue of the Stars on the waterfront.  In photographs it looks as if it may be life size but in fact it stands 2.5 meters high. Image Credit Flickr User thedz Image Credit Flickr User Andy*Enero The statue was created by Cao Chong-en, one of China’s foremost sculptors but more were involved. Shannon Ma, the renowned 3D animator and Yuen Tai-