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Mixed media art by Ju Ting (China, b. 1983)InstagramFollow...

Ice Cream Castle by Scenario Interior Architects

Scenario Interior Architects have designed the interior of an ice cream shop in Akershus, Norway. . . . Project description from Scenario Interior Architects The client was presented to us through an advertising and design agency :FRANK™, whom was hired to create a new “branding” for Diplom is, a norwegian icecream company( and to change their premises in this amusement park outside Oslo, Norway. Along with FRANK ™, we had a brain-­?storming session and created a story where the known Diplom-­?is figure Eskimonika should be at the central of the new concept. The story about the figur is as follows: Eskimonika lived at the North Pole where everything was colorless and drab. She complained to her best friend, a polar bear who said that she should drill a hole in the ice, for there was where he got all his stuff from. So said, so done. Eskimonika borrowed a ice drilling machine from her father, and drilled a hole in the ice. Suddenly all

How to Tell The World You're Having A Baby (23 pics)

Creative ways to tell the world you're having a baby.