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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Capitan The Dog Has Spent 6 Years Guarding His Owner's Grave

In 2006, Capitan's owner died and the German Shepherd ran away from home. A week later, he was found waiting beside his master's grave in a cemetery he had never been to before. The widow of Miguel Guzmán told reporters that their family dog, Capitan, ran away from their home in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, shortly after her husband's death in 2006. 'We searched for him but he had vanished. We thought he must have got run over and died. The following Sunday we went to the cemetery and Damian recognised his pet. Capitan came up to us, barking and wailing, as if he were crying." "We had never taken him to the cemetery so it is a mystery how he managed to find the place. We went back the next Sunday, and he was there again. This time, he followed us home and spent a bit of time with us, but then went back to the cemetery before it started getting dark." "I don't think he wanted to leave Miguel on his own at night."