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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Silverback Robot : An Ape-Like Robot by Jason Falconer

Silverback robot is a conceptual robot designed by Jason Falconer for Icarus Technology's bid to enter DARPA's Robotics Challenge. The challenge (slated for 2014) will require a robot to drive a vehicle, open doors, climb ladders, and use power tools (among other tasks). While most of the robots entering the challenge will likely be humanoid in design, Icarus Technology felt that an ape-like robot would work best. It is able to stand up like a person, but can also walk on all fours for better stability on rough terrain. To do this, the Silverback robot requires stilts on its arms to prevent injury to its hand mechanisms. It also walks with inverted knees on flexible but strong carbon fiber planks similar to those used in prostheses for athletic amputees, which is a fairly unusual method for robots. Designer : Jason Falconer

Inside Nasa's mission control: 'centre of the universe'

Propelling its way through space more than 120 million miles away is Curiosity, a one-tonne rover. As the probe makes its final approach to Mars, Amy Willis takes a rare look inside Nasa's mission control centre. Nasa's mission control centre, JPL Inside Nasa's mission control centre at JPL Nasa's mission support centre at JPL In my hand is a very important piece of plastic. It isn't technical, nor is it scientific but its contents are crucial. I'm holding a jar full of peanuts – plain peanuts to be precise. Emblazoned on the front in large red and white lettering is "CURIOSITY. Entry – Descent – Landing August 5, 2012. Dare mighty things". It hasn't been opened yet. These are Nasa's "good luck peanuts" reserved only for landing night. It would be sacrilege to crack them open early for a quick taste. Legend has it that when the team didn't eat peanuts during a landing in the 1960s, it resulted in failure. I edge my hand away from