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Paper cuts by Eiko Ojala, a renowned illustrator and graphic... crss

Movie Theater on the Stairs in Oakland, New Zealand (9 pics)

How Games Are Meant To Be Played vs. How You Play Them (5 pics)

Eye Deceiving Wall Murals by John Pugh

California based artist John Pugh specializes in the art of in ‘trompe l’oeil’, which means 'to deceive the eye’ in French. Pugh uses his skills to create huge 3D scenes on the side of buildings that fools the eye. Take for instance the wall mural painted on a wall in Los Gatos, California. It looks as if an earthquake had shaken away the walls of these buildings to reveal Egyptian architecture hidden inside. And that woman peering into the ruins? She is not real either.

Overloaded Truck Causes Bridge Collapse in China (8 pics)

110 ton truck overloaded with sand caused a concrete bridge to collapse in the outskirts of Beijing. After an investigation, the court came to decision that the driver is the only one to blame, so now a man named by Chinese media merely as Mr. Zhang will have to pay the astounding $25 million of compensation.