Saturday, June 2, 2012

Amazing photos of octopus eating a seagull

Amazing photos of octopus eating a seagull

Pictures taken of a giant pacific octopus grabbing and eating a seagull near Victoria are going viral.

The shots were taken when Ginger Morneau was out walking on the Ogden Point breakwater in March.

She first noticed the seagull on the surface of the water when she looked more closely she saw it was being held under by a huge octopus.

Morneau watched as the bird struggled to break free, but was eventually drowned by the octopus.

As soon as the bird was dead, the octopus dropped out of sight under the water.

Morneau says the entire incident was creepy for her.

"The slithering nature of the octopus, it really struck me," she told.

"It is the unknown. It is the murky depth. It comes up from down below. Also, it broke barriers. It broke the element of sea and air. It broke the rules."

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