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Tsunami motorcycle washes up in Canada, owner located in Japan. Now Harley Davidson wants to restore it for him

The Japanese owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was washed out to sea in the tsunami of March 2011 says its discovery on a remote beach on the West Coast of B.C. last week is a miracle. The bike is a little rusty but amazingly intact. Peter Mark, a beachcomber on Haida Gwaii, found the container on April 18 while he was aboard his ATV in Naikoon Provincial Park. The container is believed to be from the back of a Japanese moving truck. The container was lined with foam and markings on the inside match it to a Japanese moving truck. The motorcycle was found on its side in the back of the moving truck container. This sign is from inside a Japanese moving truck, with instructions for lashing down objects. The licence plate shows the motorcycle is from Miyagi Prefecture, one of the hardest-hit areas during the tsunami. The logo shows the bike is a Harley-Davidson. The Japanese Consulate has the bike's VIN number and says it is trying to track down the owner. Six golf clubs were