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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Solar Floating Resort (SFR) : Perfect Getaway Resort by Michele Puzzolante

 concept Solar Floating Resort offers unique hospitality, a combination of a yacht and submarine that takes advantage of the sun to generate it's own energy, non-polluting and works in harmony with its natural surroundings. This resort features many things that you usually find in a luxury yacht or a luxury hotel suite, the difference is the location. A fully submerged observation bulb invites guests to enjoy breath taking underwater view, enjoy exotic fish, sharks, dolphins and other amazing sea creatures. Solar Floating Resort (SFR) can be installed on the beach to enhance any hotel's value, this resort brings any hotel to an ecological, non-polluting and self sufficient 7 stars level. Each of this resort has been designed to accommodate up to 6 person at sea, an ideal habitat for living in marinas while still connected to the front beach hotels. Designer : Michele Puzzolante Inside this floating resort , guests will be spoiled with maximum privacy, perfect hone

Garage Transformed into a Mini House (14 pics)