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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

The Bridge of Immortals, Huangshan, China

When speaking of amazing feats of architecture atop strangely-shaped granite peaks, The Bridge Of Immortals immediately comes to mind. The world's highest bridge is situated in the Yellow Mountains, also known as Huangshan. From the bridge you will have a breathtaking view, and see how the clouds are touching mountainsides beneath you. You can either take the 'safe and secure' way up or try the 'South Heavenly Gate'…which is where you will end up if you fall. It consists of 3 shady looking planks held together by some flimsy wire, and a rusty looking chain to hold onto for dear life.

Roundabout Vancouver

What would a metropolis in the Pacific Northwest look like if urban planners at the turn of the 20th century recognized and exploited the spatial potential of existing old growth trees rather than their perceived resource potential?  Using techniques of photomontage and urban mapping Goodweather takes us on an anachronistic detour that decouples empirical fact from historical memory. While in the present city of Vancouver, the centre space of roundabouts is given over to various sanctioned treatments—community gardens, a monumental rock, and so on—in this "retroprojective" proposal an alternative vision of the not-so-distant past is offered, one wherein forward-thinking city planners leave an old growth tree at the centre of each future roundabout. With this simple gesture we can envisage an entirely different city, one in which the massive trees are no longer a rarity but instead fundamentally define and shape our movement through the urban fabric of Vancouver. While t