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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

China's Ghost Town That Looks Like A British Village

 Thames Town looks a lot like your average historic English village. There are lush green squares, classic brick homes, and even red telephone booths. But Thames Town is not nestled in the British countryside; it's located in the northeast corner of China in Songjiang, near Shanghai. And it didn't grow gradually over hundreds of years; it sprang up in 2006 as part of Shanghai's "One City, Nine Town" initiative, an attempt to decentralize the city. The city is a virtual ghost town, with empty shops and unused roads.It's a popular destination for wedding photos.

A dead robot

 Goldie, the sculpture that looks like a rusty, prone robot, lies mute on Woods Quad. This piece acknowledges the decline of industrialization in America. Specifically the iron industry of Birmingham, Alabama.