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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

LEGO Monsters and Aliens Sculptures

10 trendy motorcycle sidecars for a cool and comfy ride

 Mohanty: When it comes to biking, every young man gets Goosebumps. Sidecars have always complimented a bike since ages, not only spaciously but cosmetically too. However, very few of us know that the first sidecar was seen in a cartoon picture of George Moore published in a British newspaper "Motor cycling" way back in January 7 1903. Three weeks later, a provisional patent was owned by Mr. M.J. Graham, one of the Graham brothers, who then went into a partnership with Jonathan A. Kahn to start the manufacturing of sidecars. 1. Red Bull R120 BMW motorcycle with sidecar Red Bull R120 BMW Motorcycle with Side Car Innovations are always under the spotlight. For being famous, one needs to think out of the box. An invention or innovation, whatever you name it, but definitely an impressive art form is there to be witnessed in a Red Bull R120 BMW motorcycle with a sidecar. The sidecar is in the shape and look of a huge red bull can, which accommodates a seating. Addi