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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

10 crazy and creative car mods for auto nerds

 Saha: There is a craze of every new thing that arrives in the market nowadays. The younger, geeky, generation of today is crazy about every new and trendy invention that comes by. One of the gadgets claiming huge popularity today is the custom car models. It is a passenger vehicle. Hence' it is generally small and the modifications made to it make it speedy at the same time. Modifications are generally possible on two fronts - one is by improving the performance and the other is through additional styling. The first one is accomplished by making changes in the engines or transmission of the vehicle and the second one by getting creative and use of imagination so that it gets an altogether new look from what it appeared while in the factory. Some of the cool creations out of trendy imaginations are given below. 1. Mini Pacman and Space Invaders Cooper Mini Pacman and Space Invaders Cooper This car model is a modified Mini Cooper as shown in the images above. A Min

Leaf Cut Art by Lorenzo Durán