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Seven stunning Star Wars inspired vehicles

Balasubramanya Subbarao: In today's world, it is hard to say whether movies inspire concepts or concepts inspire movies. As that debate rages on in the minds of people, when it comes to the Star Wars trilogy of movies, we can be sure that the movies have inspired the designs of many a vehicle. Here we present seven stunning vehicles that have been completely inspired by Star Wars. 1. A Landspeeder inspired by Star Wars which is easily drivable Star Wars inspired Landspeeder Using a custom-built aluminum chassis and a fiber glass body, designer Daniel Deutsch has created a landspeeder that seems to have landed straight out of a Star Wars movie. Its powered by an electric drive system and moves at a top speed of about 25 mph. That is great when you use the vehicle only for your shopping needs and neighborhood drives. The body has many intricate details and is sure to grab eyeballs as you drive around. 2. Giant-wheeled EV direct from Star Wars Star Wars-Inspired EV The

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