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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Seven creative chair designs to revive your living area

Lata Dar: Creative chair design Creative chair designs to revive your living area If you are wondering as to how a chair can actually change the entire atmosphere of a room then it actually is very much possible with the listed chair collections that will make you wonder as to how your room turns more brighter and attractive. Some of these chairs are ergonomically designed and many can fit around any corner of your space and even the garden area too. 1. Surf Chair Surf Chair Surf Chair is an ergonomically designed work station This is an ergonomically designed station meant for work which is perfect for those who have a hectic job that requires them to sit around their computers for extended hours. This therefore fills the need of a relaxing and cozy workplace. This chair won the best product award in the Scandinavian Furniture Fair. This chair is nothing less than a dream for those who undertake long computer sessions. 2. Vasa intestina Vasa Intestina Vasa Intes

Political Ad Fail

British politician Nigel Farage almost got killed after a banner of his party that was hanging out of the plane got stuck in its engine.

Unusual Tourists Invade Bahamas (29 pics)