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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Seven inimitable designs inspired by R2D2

SANKHA BHATTACHARYA: Designs inspired by R2-D2 Inimitable designs inspired by R2-D2 In the year 1977 a cultural phenomena in the form of a sci-fi movie called Star Wars took place. Since then more than 30 years have gone by. But, the characters of that movie are still popular. One of them is a droid R2D2 (who can speak in a mechanical voice with burps and clicks) who remains ever popular among kids and teens. Here is a list of 7 modern product designs based on that droid R2D2 from the movie Star Wars. 1. Beer R2D2 Beer2-D2 Beer2D3 by Lockwasher Beer is a favorite and a staple drink around USA. Therefore the beer manufacturers have opted for this design which is quite ingenious. It is also done in order to popularize the drink more to common people. This R2D2 beer can holds 4.7liter beer which has legs made of propane tank vale handles and feet from 3 mini bread tins. A vintage chrome BLC utility shell is used to build the head and a vintage movie camera is also there for eye. 2

Eight futuristic hotels offering the luxury retreat

 Singh Rana: There are several hotels around the world that catch us spellbound with their eye-captivating beauty and architect. However, it is time to look beyond and cling on human innovation and creativity as we have done since civilization. Be it computers, automobiles, entertainment or anything, we have always strived for better and beautiful. This time around, designers shifted their focus to hotels and came up with the hotels of tomorrow. These are exceptionally superior, hi-tech luxury hotels that will surely change the world we live in. Here we have listed the top eight futuristic hotels offering the luxury retreat. 1. The Ark Hotel Concept Ark Designed to withstand floods, tidal waves and rising ocean levels as well as earthquakes and other natural disasters, the hotel concept would float and function independently on the surface of a body of water The Ark Hotel Concept is a hotel that floats on water. Designed by reputed Russian firm Remistudio with the support of I