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10 Awe-inspiring steampunk cars for auto nerds


Steampunk Vehicle
Steampunk VehicleSteampunk Vehicle

Steampunk cars have always been a fascination with men. The crazy gears, the bass and copper body, rivets, all make them amazingly cool and noteworthy. Whilst many of us do not know exactly what makes a car worthy of being called a steam punk car, we would sure love to gape at some of the most awe inspiring steam punk cars that are doing the rounds.

When it comes to design, nothing can beat a steam punk car. If technology had not gone so much into advancement, we would still be driving one of those beautiful designs that look and feel absolutely great! Here are the best steampunk cars that could take your breath away.

1. Steampunk Rocket Car

Steampunk Rocket Car
Steampunk Rocket CarSteampunk Rocket Car

A car that does not even resemble a car, the steampunk Rocket Car is not something that you would find on the roads too often. But when you see one, you are obviously left speechless! The steel body that glazes like a rocket ready to shoot off into the azure blue skies, the huge headlights, the propeller at the rear of the car with red lights and a beautiful retro wheel design, and the blazing red wheel fittings all make it a winner, waiting to be tested and tried. This one surely rocks!

2. Steampunk Automobile 1888

Steampunk Automobile 1888
Steampunk Automobile 1888Steampunk Automobile 1888

The steampunk automobile 1888 is powered by dual engine; a conventional engine and a dual side engine which is built as an advance on the steam engine. The dark wood body and the copper and brass accents make it a wonderful machine fit for a royal ride on the road. If you want to make a famous statement, this one serves the purpose. The model is created by a software known as Clockwork Steampunk Automobile Pro.

3. Jay Leno's Steam Car

Jay Leno's Steam Car
Jay Leno's Steam CarJay Leno's Steam Car

Jay Leno's Doble steam cars have no rivals for style. Incredibly sophisticated, even though they were running behind on technological advances, the customers could never complain as the cars were constantly redesigned and the mechanics upgraded every now and then. The car engine had high and low pressure cylinders which reuse the steam again, thereby increasing the energy efficiency. Also attached are water and oil pumps, an electrical system that runs a ¾ horse power blower, ignition, pumps, quartz rods that maintain steam temperature, lights etc. There is also the self ignition capability that stands out with this car. The steamer of the car has a condenser which transforms the vapour to water that can be reused.

4. 1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK Replica given steampunk look

1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica
1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica1929 Mercedes Gazelle SSK replica given steampunk look

The classic car was originally built in the year 1990 by making use of the frame of a Mustang II that belonged in the year 1974. This gazelle is fitted with a 4 cyl ford engine with an automatic transmission. It has good power and runs extremely well. With sleep and well painted exteriors, the Gazelle is in superb condition with side and top curtains. Chrome wheels, wire baskets, disk player and AM/FM, running boards, fog lights, trumpet horns and antique wheels are all options that can be added to the deluxe kit.

5. Snail Car

Snail car
Snail carSnail car is true steampunk car

The brain child of a blacksmith, Jon Sarriugarte, the snail car, named as The Golden Mean is very imposing and pleasing to the eyes. With comfortable seating arrangements for six, it resembles a giant, coppery finish snail. The snail car glows at night and rings of fire are shot from its feelers which give it an ethereal look altogether.

6. Steampunk Car

Steampunk Car
Steampunk CarSteampunk Car

The Seattle steampunk car does not actually look like a well modelled steam punk car that you would expect to see. But it sure catches attention with its pipe and horn fittings of the twentieth century and its riveted body with the rusty frames. Looks every bit the steam punk car of yesteryears, this car was spotted at Greenlake in Seattle.

7. Steampunk Mercedes

Steampunk Mercedes
Steampunk MercedesThe Steampunk Mercedes that would make Jules Verne proud

Though we typically expect steampunk cars to be carved and created in steampunk workshops, there are exceptions to the rule and when the exception is created by Mercedes, the surprise becomes even more obvious. The steam powered 49 Mercedes is a Jules Vernes Car. The amazing details, the coppery orange body and the all round appeal does not disappoint in any way.

8. NYC Steampunk Car

NYC Steampunk Car
NYC Steampunk CarNYC Steampunk Car

The NYC steampunk car has all the right ingredients to pop your eye balls out. Though this is not a typical car that you would encounter on the ultra modern Ney York bylanes, the minute you see it, you are transported back to the 1940s with its ultra cool looks and deadly characteristics. With a skeletal print at the sides and gigantic wheels at the back, the car can accommodate two in the front seat and loads of open space at the back as well.

9. Cummins Steampunk Rod

Cummins Steampunk Rod
Cummins Steampunk RodSpotted at 2009 Viva Las Vegas Car Show, this wonderful steampunk rat rod made quite an impression on the audience.

A look at the gigantic rat rod id enough to send your heart racing. If you are an auto nerd, this one sure has to power to raise hackles on your skin. The Cummins steampunk rod has a maroon body and huge back wheels. Reminiscent of a truck, and with amazingly detailed open parts at the front which only adds to its mass appeal, this one sure won the acclaim of car lovers at Viva Las Vegas Car Show in 2009.

10. Steampunk Camaro

Steampunk Camaro
Steampunk CamaroJohn 'Jazz' Vernon made Steampunk Camaro

The retro style car sure looks futuristic to fit into a steampunk ear. Probe further and you will find that this is just a futuristic design that spurred out of the mind of graphic artist John 'Jazz' Vernon. With a metallic silver body and gold detailing, the car design also features an open side section through which we can see an array of mechanical fittings tastefully displayed to the outside world. Let's wait and see if we are lucky enough to get a live view of this futuristic rendition