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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Amazing Pictures of Lucky Escapes

10 Awe-inspiring steampunk cars for auto nerds

 James: Steampunk Vehicle Steampunk Vehicle Steampunk cars have always been a fascination with men. The crazy gears, the bass and copper body, rivets, all make them amazingly cool and noteworthy. Whilst many of us do not know exactly what makes a car worthy of being called a steam punk car, we would sure love to gape at some of the most awe inspiring steam punk cars that are doing the rounds. When it comes to design, nothing can beat a steam punk car. If technology had not gone so much into advancement, we would still be driving one of those beautiful designs that look and feel absolutely great! Here are the best steampunk cars that could take your breath away. 1. Steampunk Rocket Car Steampunk Rocket Car Steampunk Rocket Car A car that does not even resemble a car, the steampunk Rocket Car is not something that you would find on the roads too often. But when you see one, you are obviously left speechless! The steel body that glazes like a rocket ready to shoot off in