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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

10 most unusual yet creative building designs

Vanga Kalyani: A Bizzare Building Unusual yet Creative design One of the reasons why urban surroundings are so fascinating is their architecture. Shaggy, old, dull surroundings or a weary construction or an important place could be made to look exquisite with just a little touch of excellent architecture. Architects and constructors nowadays are planning and designing buildings in a way that they not only look better but also symbolize the future. Here are a few bizarre yet fascinating buildings which are the masterpieces of modern world architecture. 1. Container City Container City Container City London, UK A huge amount of under- utilised shipping containers could be found anywhere in the docks. These can be acquired for a sum. The strength and durability of these containers provide an ideal material for constructing structures. Construction of buildings, workplaces and offices can be done with these containers. The advantage of such a construction is that it does not r

A Cat and a Box