Monday, October 10, 2011

Luxury ITC Mughal’s Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa, India

It may be said that every living soul hankers for a glimpse of paradise. The Mughals in particular sought 'Jannat' or Paradise by ensuring perfection and balance in all facets of their lifestyle.  ITC Mughal's Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa, is where rejuvenation comes through an experience of unmatched luxury and total well-being.

ITC Mughal now has a whole new wing full of 42 opulent suites and rooms where the ultimate endeavor has been to recreate a Mughal Paradise for today's luxury traveller. The Khwab Mahal- Palace of Dreams, as the name suggests, is the most luxurious room of the royal complex.

Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to build a Khwab Mahal for his beloved begum Mumtaz, and what was created was the much admired Taj Mahal.

The "Palace of Dreams" is another dream realized; A befitting tribute to the bygone royal era.

The largest and most opulent are the two Royal Presidential Suites. These are grand residences, named after Mughal Queens – Nur Jehan and  Mumtaj Mahal. The Spa Presidential Suite comprises of living room, bedroom, private couple massage room with steam room, vichy shower for bespoke Spa Sojourns and an outdoor  temperature controlled personal plunge pool.  These are grand residences, spacious and luxurious with a personal plunge pool, decorated in shades of grey, off-white and gold. In these luxury abodes, the award-winning Kaya Kalp therapies can be experienced in complete privacy, within one's own spa room. Here a 'Khidmadgar', ensures that every whim is a command, while expert spa masseurs create the ultimate luxury of changing fatigue into total rejuvenation.

Amongst the first great hotel resorts in India, and still highly rated amongst the best, the fountains, landscaped gardens, exceptional cuisine at ITC Mughal recreates the luxurious lifestyle of the great Mughals – a memorable experience and an inspired tribute to the grandeur of the Mughal Dynasty. Images courtesy of ITC Mughal.

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