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Miniature Calendar UpdateJapanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya creates... crss

10 Most incredible observation decks offering the best view

 Kalra: Incredible decks offering the best view Most incredible observation decks offering the best view We've all seen Tom and Jerry walk past cliffs, moving forward until they submit to gravity by looking down. Many of us too wish we could do the same, but the idea of landing in a hospital makes us recede. High Mountain peaks, roaring waterfalls, deep mystic forests, etc. have impelled man to use his engineerical feats combined with his love for nature to go ahead and create spectacular observatory platforms perched on mountain peaks and thundering waterfalls to bring us one step closer to Mother Nature. Explore the following before planning your next adventure trip. 1. Grand Canyon Sky Wall Grand Canyon Sky Wall situated Along the Colorado River on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.A David Jin is an avid tourism entrepreneur who wanted visitors from around the world to get an eagle's view from the high rising edges of the Grand Canyon. To make this

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