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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Baby Elephant Rescue From Drowning (6 pics)_files

Seven strangely creative boat designs

Apara Bhattacharya: creative boats creative boats have extended features that make tourist friendly journeys Boats have been the major means of transportation of humans, cattle and goods during the onsets of civilization. There have been different types of boats that were used by different civilizations. They are not the major means of transport in the modern world. But they are definitely the most eco-friendly transports that do not release harmful emissions. Today, you can find commercial boats and passenger boats. The commercial boats are exclusively meant for the commercial activities like transportation of goods, cattle or fishing. The passenger boats are meant for carrying passengers and for touring. The creative minds of the designers all over the world are at work in creating innovative boats that do not have the conventional boring look and are more efficient as a system of transport. They are equipped with additional facilities too, which make each of them pieces of wonde

One Seriously Badass Truck

Charles Camsell hospital in Edmonton