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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

15 cases mod

Arjun Wadia: Pyramid Case Mod A Designer Pyramid PC Case Mod. Computers are a splendid example of human vision. We have built them and now we rely on them. The innovations in technology have always been presenting us with unique creations. It takes sharp focus, skill and perseverance to build what others can just dream of. Computers have bagged their places in almost every home and we rely on its power. But the genius inside should reflect outside. PC case mod designs are for those who don't want to hide their computers behind their shelves but rather flaunt. They want their computers to project the spirit of creativity outside. Here are the top 15 most creative PC case mod designs that exemplify genius. To showcase that imagination knows no bounds. 1. H20 shuttle PC Case mod: H20 Shuttle PC mode Designer PC mode Computer case mod designs come in to play when just a metallic box is not enough. The H20 shuttle designed by Besi represents his deep passion for

The Town Where Everyone Wears A Gas Mask

  The age old adage home is where the heart is finds its true meaning in Miyakejima, a small island located in southeast Japan. Despite the high level of volcanic activity that causes poisonous gas to leak from the earth that forced the 3,600 island residents to evacuate in 2000, the citizens just won't stay away. Thus, the self-appointed gas mask town rose from the, very literal, ashes.   Resting atop a chain of volcanoes, Miyakejima is a hub for volcanic activity. For the past century, the volcanoes have erupted six times. The worst of these occurred in June 2000 when, after a repose interval of 17 years, Mount Oyama erupted. The eruption was proceeded by 17,500 (yes, 17 thousand) earthquakes, which hit the island between June 26 and July 21.   During the assault of eruptions and earthquakes, Miyakejima was enveloped in ash plumes reaching 10 miles in height, pyroclastic flow (fast flow of superheated gas), and heavy ash fall alongside crater collapses. The disaster also led

Historical Mug Shots of Women (34 pics)