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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Awesome Vintage Advertising Posters (7 pics)

Retro Glamour Celebrities in Venice (16 pics)

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, wearing a suit, sitting next to Bianca Jagger wearing a white poncho and sunglasses,   a gondola, with the gondolier behind them, Venice 1971.  Salvador Dali in Venice, 1961.  Debonair Scottish actor Sean Connery, portrayed on a water taxi with his hair in a mess because of the wind, looking behind his back,  in the venetian lagoon with Venice in the background, 1970s.  French actress Catherine Deneuve on the set of the movie 'Mayerling', wearing a coat and a beret,  a paintbrush in her mouth with photographer behind her, Venice, March 1968.  Actor and director Warren Beatty with a girlfriend poses near the Hotel Excelsior during the Venice Film Festival in 1965.  Actor Paul Newman riding in the boat in Venice, 1963.  French sexbomb Brigitte Bardot with her partner, the french jazz guitarist Sasha Distel, she is wearing a dress,  a diamonds hairband and a precious necklace , surrounded by men in tuxedo, Venice, 1958.  "Once Upon a Time in the Wes