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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

SwissRoomBox modular living system is a home on board

Anchal Bhatia: Swissroombox modular living system SwissRoomBox modular living system can be transferred from car to a portable living space. SwissRoomBox has recently designed a portable modular living system making it possible for many to live their dream of a mobile home. The system has everything you need to cook, live, wash and sleep, just out of the boot of your car. Picture Gallery Portable Modular Living System Portable Modular Living System by SwissRoomBox The design which comes in deep red consists of various boxes interconnected to each other and once installed at the back of the car, different sections are dragged out as required. While on the move, you can access a dining table, bed, chairs, sink and even shower just by sliding box shaped containers over each other. It's as easy as steeping out from your kitchen to your bedroom. The whole setup can be established in 15 minutes without using any tools. All you have to do is to fix the base of the system to

5 Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps Ever

The iPhone is one of the single most important technological inventions of this century.  There, I said it.  However, as with any great invention, (escalators, TV, the birth control pill) there are going to be some side effects, (obesity, How I Met Your Mother , Chlamydia…); the fact that anyone with half a brain can now develop an iPhone app means that the market stands the risk of being flooded with more and more absurd apps that serve little purpose other than to make people switch to Blackberry.  So, here's a warning list of the 5 most ridiculous iPhone apps ever! 1. National Threat Advisory – Free , Released: Aug 05, 2008 , Version: 1.0 , Seller: Daniel Eisner "Welcome to a new kind of tension, all across the alien nation, where everything isn't meant to be okay..." Striking paranoia into the hearts of simple-minded citizens everywhere, this app has recently reduced its price to 'free', ensuring that any American will know when not to leave thei