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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

iTower: A dock station that acts as a decorative piece

 Walia: iTower_02 iTower LED dock by Kyle Buckner What looks like a pretty flower vase is a docking station in reality. Christened the iTower, it has been crafted in an impressive manner by Kyle Buckner. The designer has not only given it a dainty facade but has also injected it with "wicked" qualities. The docking station comes with a mood to inject a lot of style and pizzazz. iTower will jazz up the area it is placed in and make it glow instantly. The outer skin has been made from cherry wood, fiberglass, aluminum and plastics. The tower shaped speaker will stand high with panache and sprinkle a notable aura. Besides the eye-catching looks, it has been injected with LEDs and USB connectivity. The volume control is touch-sensitive and the speakers have been beautifully concealed. iTower_01 iTower LED dock by Kyle Buckner While onlookers gawk at it, they will be taken in for a surprise when music starts blaring out of it. Red colored LEDs decorate iTower when it is

A dog balancing eggs on its head