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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car Design Was Inspired by The Legendary 328 Model

BMW has launched the 328 Hommage concept, a design study concerned with a speedster, at the Villa d'Este. Taking its inspiration from the legendary 328 model, some of its awe-inspiring features include carbon-fiber body with asymmetric windscreen. The 328 Hommage holds the same layout. It is an exceptional 2-seater roadster having a front-mounted engine with a lightweight construction. The 328 Hommage BMW is unlike the 1930's model in terms of its make, the usage of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The exterior design boasts a surface treatment related to the one followed by BMW for its newest concepts, with its design incorporating an assortment of elements, which creates a visual tie to the original model. Thanks to the usage of materials as well as freely suspended elements including 2 iPhones included in the dashboard via special aluminum housing having a silhouette of classic stopwatches , that expresses a sense of lightness in terms of its interior structure. Clear-cut l

Most Creepy YouTube Videos Ever

 School by Jared Lee Loughner This video was uploaded to YouTube by the Arizona shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner. It has since been taken down from its original YouTube location, but news organizations as reputable as the Wall Street Journal have confirmed its legitimacy as the video that resulted in Loughner being expelled from Pima Community College. The madman later went on to shoot 20 people, injuring a U.S. senator and killing six of the victims, including a district court judge. These ramblings show just how disturbed the young shooter was before his arrest, and listening to his rantings are chilling to say the least. Edarem Sure, the old man in this video with his bad sweater, terrible teeth and frazzled hair, is a little creepy, but is he someone's grandpa playing on YouTube really bad enough to get on the list of the most creepy YouTube videos ever? Yes, when that "grandpa" is actually a sex offender who was eventually sent back to prison for violating his par

IBM shows off the old hardware in its basement

Historical hardware from IBM's 100 year history is on show at its Hursley site IBM IS CELEBRATING its 100th anniversary this year, and like any centenarian it has accumulated a cornucopia of bric-a-brac over the course of its life. At the company's Hursley offices near Winchester, however, this means bits of old mainframes and suchlike. This is a card punch from 1949, used for preparing punched cards, the data storage medium of its day. More card punch equipment bearing the Hollerith name. Herman Hollerith founded the Tabulating Machine Company, one of the three firms that merged to form IBM in 1911. A timestamping machine for workers clocking in. Another ancient product from one IBM's precursor companies. IBM Type 77 punched card collator, dating from 1937. It could automatically sort and file two sets of punched cards, handling up to 240 per minute. IBM Selectric typewriter from 1967. These models featured proportional spacing, and a golf-ball head to print instead of eac

The Zong - Slave ship

The Ship below is a replica of the infamous Slave Ship The Zong, seen here passing through Tower Bridge on Thursday 29th March 2007 The Zong was owned by William Gregson and George Case, well-known merchants in the City of Liverpool.  Both were former Mayors of that City. The Zong sailed from the west coast of Africa on 6 September 1781 with 442 slaves aboard.  She was grossly overloaded and did not have sufficient provisions for such a large number. The voyage took nearly 2 months by which time most of the slaves were malnourished and succumbing to sickness and disease.  The ship was under the command of Captain Collingwood who lost his way in the Caribbean Sea which added to the length of the journey.  Many of the slaves had already died and Collingwood knew that those who survived would not fetch a high price on the slave market.  He decided to use a shortage of fresh water as the pretext for recording that his 'crew were endangered'.  In this way he justified thr

I’d disown my daughter right then and there. MySpace?

I'd disown my daughter right then and there. MySpace?

10 Coolest Underwater Places

Hotel Conrad Rangali Island Maldives If you are planning for that ultimate honeymoon whose memories are to be etched into your minds forever, here comes the award winning Hotel Conrad Rangali Island Maldives with its exciting honeymoon- suite for all you newlyweds. Being one of the finest hotels in the world it already swaggers of having several luxurious villas, striking beach villas and marvelous spa water villas. But the honeymoon suite is something that will sure make you fall for it. After all, who wouldn't love to spend a night underneath the sea with panoramic views of the marine life? Poseidon Undersea Resort Giving the phrase "Under the sea" a whole new meaning, the Poseidon Undersea Resort($15,000 and up) lets you rest underneath the waves in a room made mostly of acrylic glass. Located in Fiji, the resort offers guests private plane transportation from a Fijian airport to the Poseidon Mystery Island, where they'll enjoy a week's stay - including t