Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Bear Rescue

Robert Kiraly heard a loud noise in his courtyard at night. When he got outside, he found a 200 pound black bear with his head stuck in a milk barrel. It turned out the bear decided to find something to eat and squeezed his head in a milk can that was on the porch. When he felt that his head got stuck, he started yelling wildly trying to escape.

Robert managed to tie the towrope to the barrel and then tied it to a tree to stop the bear rolling around in the yard. Then Robert called a vet. The vet tranquilized the bear and since the bear could choke at any second it was decided to immediately cut the container. Fortunately, Robert could cut the barrel without damaging the bear's skin. Having awakened from a tranquilizer, the bear got up and calmly went into the forest.

Mark Garro - Arte

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