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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

76-year-old Photoshop Master in China Restores Old Photos for Free

Having old photographs restored is a service that many residents in China can't afford, but a 76-year-old man named Baojun Yuan is doing his part to help his fellow citizens by offering his astonishing Photoshop talents free of charge. After learning how to use the program when he was 60 years old, Yuan purchased a computer and scanner, and has fixed more than 2,000 photographs. He says, "my teacher just taught me how to repair the photos, but he forgot to tell me how to charge." Here's a sampling of his amazing restoration work:

Rare and Astonishingly Adorable Zedonk Pippi

An extremely rare creature known as a Zedonk - a zebra and donkey equine hybrid - born earlier this summer is winning hearts and taking the globe by storm. The little beauty took her first breath on July 21 2010 at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve, near Dahlonega, Georgia, about 60 miles north of Atlanta. Bearing prominent black and white striped legs, striped face and brown-haired body of a donkey, the foal was named Pippi after the fabled Pippi Longstocking - a stripe-socked girl with superhuman strength, and a wealth of attitude - created by the Swedish children's author, Astrid Lindgren. Pippi's mother is a donkey named Sarah, and her father Zeke is a zebra. Pippi with mother Sarah and father Zeke. The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve has had calls and visitors pouring in from across the globe including France, England, Egypt, and Russia to see this spectacular zedonk, and can't believe their own eyes at the wonder of this little nature. It's not uncommon for male donkeys