Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heartthrobs from the 80s

These are some teenage heartthrobs from the 1980's then and now. Many of them are simply older and even more famous now than they were back then.

Johnny Depp

Matthew Broderick

John Paul Cusack

Denzel Washington

Donnie Wayne "Don" Johnson

Fredrick Aaron "Fred" Savage

Harrison Ford

James Todd Spader

John Stamos

Judd Nelson

Keanu Reeves

Kirk Cameron

Matt Dillon

Andrew McCarthy

Philip Michael Thomas

Michael Andrew Fox

Ralph George Macchio

Rob Lowe

Sean Justin Penn

Timothy Hutton

Tom Cruise

Val Edward Kilmer

Wil Wheaton

Patrick Dempsey

John Cusack

Motorcycles made from old watches

Great minds that use to produce usable and innovative devices or accessories by using scraps or old items still exist. And the level of their unusualness to produce matchless products is touching limits. More than saving money, it is the incredible products that act as an achievement for you.
Following this, few models of motorcycles has been devised from old watches. A peek into the models will surely win your hearts and you would be ready to spend big sum but unfortunately the creation is not for sale.
The brainchild behind this craftmenship is of an advertising agent from Brazil. These miniature motorcycles draw standards for identity and representation. But mind you they are more than a children's toy.