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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

The incredible B-arkour dog: Tre T reveals no cat is safe with amazing freerunning skills

Meet Tre T, the free-running dog. With his breath-taking mastery of Parkour, he takes walkies to a whole new level. The death-defying pooch, who lives in Ukraine, is shown here running and jumping on walls, climbing trees, scaling ladders, fences and huts. Tre T jumps from object to object with guile and grace, without a paws for thought. Any cats in the area had better beware: there's no way of escaping from this dog. Tre T the Ukrainian freerunning dog, who has become an Internet sensation, scales a wall here The amazing pooch climbs up trees, over walls and fences - and never stops wagging his tail The five-year-old jumps from object to object with guile and grace, without a paws for thought The five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrior has become an Internet sensation with his skills. You'll struggle to keep this guy in the doghouse as he loves mastering the outdoors - and his waggy tail shows that. It's not suprising that Tre T, who weighs 33kg, has managed to attr

What Happened Over There

10 Coolest Facebook-Inspired Products

Facebook Pillow Facebook is hard work, between the friend-ing and poking and tagging and stalking, so it doesn't take very long to get all tuckered out. That's where this comfy icon pillow comes in. Now you can take your pokes offline and onto this perfectly plump Facebook pillow! This is a 100% handcrafted, 12"x12" square pillow, made with the softest fleece and the fluffiest polyester filling, making it firm yet springy. Whether on your bed or near your computer, it is perfect for snuggling after a productive day of interneting, or to pound your fists into after you've been defriended. Check out the other pillows, they make great gifts . Facebook Like/Dislike Stamps Addicted to Facebook? Can't stop "liking" things all over the net? Wish you could click that little thumbs up on actual paper documents? Well, now you can with the Like and Dislike Stamp Kit, the easiest way to show your co-workers that the financial report they handed is satisfa