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Mixed media art by Ju Ting (China, b. 1983)InstagramFollow...

The bee hive that was in chimney

The 10 Sexiest Beer Commercials Of All Time

#10 Bavaria Beer Bikini Babe - Isn't it amazing how looking at hot girls wearing thongs always makes you incredibly thirsty. #9 Apuana Beer Bra Bottler Opener - I think it would've been even more impressive had she opened it below the equator, but that's just me. #8 Tui Beer Female Brewery - It's every man's dream come true... I think? #7 Guinness Share With Your Friends - This commercial is so unrealistic. There's no way a beer would stay on a woman's back while she's getting tag teamed. #6 Stampede Beer Goes Down - The genius part about this commercial is that the cleavage complete distracts you so you don't see the obvious sexual joke coming... that's what she said. #5 Brahma Booty Beer - Sure beer and butts have a long history together, but it's usually for all the wrong reasons. #4 Isenbeck Ballet Class - So apparently most ballet classes involves a lot of butt sniffing. #3 Kamenitza Walking Booties - You can'

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