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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

7 myths mythbusters proved that we still can´t belive are true

Mythbusters! Nerd porn of the highest order! Mr. Wizard for grown-ups -- with explosions! For over seven years we've watched Adam and Jamie's Odd Couple act, watched Grant build the awesomest of machines, watched Tory hurt himself, and watched Kari... well, just watched Kari, really. But as much as we love the cast, there's something much greater here that appeals directly to our nerd natures: Who among us hasn't watched as the crew went to work on a myth so obviously absurd that we'd scoff and snicker? Filled with smug arrogance we'd sit back as what we already knew to be false is proven incontrovertibly so... and store the relevant information away for later use in cementing our superiority over lesser beings who believe such nonsense. Only it doesn't always work that way. Every now and then, Mythbusters will throw our snark right back in our nerdy faces, and the most outrageous of urban myths will be proven absolutely true -- even a finding of "Pla

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calvin and hobbes comic strips