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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

rapunzel descending device by sin sun ho

There are a lot of equipments, which may come to mind, when it comes to the life-saving category. However, I'm sure there would be very few, which can help people trapped on top of a tall building to come down. Rapunzel is a portable descending device that helps those trapped in a high level of a building to reach the ground safely. It can be kept in any storage box fixed to the building. During emergencies, all the user need to do is grab the handle of Rapunzel. There is a soft strap, which helps you to fasten it to your hand and not let go, when you are descending down. Once the weight is applied on the product, it is activated and the rope starts to uncoil. This allows the person to descend down from the high-risers safely. Designer : Sin Sun Ho

12 most bizarre fines ever

The driver who was fined for blowing his nose during traffic jam A businessman was fined £60 and had his driving license endorsed for blowing his nose while stuck in a traffic jam. Michael Mancini, a furniture restorer from Prestwick, Ayrshire, was given the fixed penalty and docked three penalty points after leaning over and pulling out a paper handkerchief to wipe his nose when stuck in Ayr High Street. Mancini said that his van was in neutral with its handbrake on, and that he was flabbergasted when he was signaled into a parking bay by an approaching policeman. Matters became "a little bit surreal", he said, when he wound down his window and was promptly charged by the stern-faced PC Stuart Gray, a man known locally as "Shiny Buttons" in recognition of his zealous attention to detail. "I honestly thought it was a joke," said Mancini, 39, who was booked for failing to be in control of his vehicle. The man who was fined for crashing a motorized armch

Libyan Dictator Muammar AL Gaddafi - the green book - 1975