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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

exploring sewers, storm drains, and underground creeks

Storm: Sewer: Overflows - Typically dry unless it rains when these serve as relief tunnels for overflows: Underground Creeks/Streams: Other - Evil Grin:

the 300 club

Newcomers at the South Pole anxiously await the midwinter below -100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures so that they can join the infamous 300 Club. The first time that the temperature drops below -100 degrees (and stays there), the newbies sit in a sauna until the temperature reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they can no longer stand the heat, they run outside to the geographic South Pole marker-completely naked, except for shoes and perhaps a scarf to protect their lungs from the severe cold-to experience a shocking 300-degree temperature change. Most do not make it all the way to the Pole marker and return to the sauna before they get frostbite or the cold damages their lungs. The temperatures do not get quite as cold at McMurdo, so those winteroverers cannot join the 300 Club; instead, they join the 200 Club when temperatures dip below -40 degrees. A winter-overer joins the 300 Club by running around the geographic South Pole naked in -100 degrees after sitting in a sauna at 20