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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

mexico burns 134 tons of confiscated marijuana

atlantic avenue subway tunnel

It is not often in the city of New York these days that a regular guy can truly influence the history of the city. But Bob Diamond is just one of those people. The story of the Atlantic Avenue tunnel is one that goes back through the annals of New York history, but it is also one that has a modern chapter, of Bob Diamond's quest to unearth and expose the tunnel as a significant New York landmark. Let's jump back in history a little bit. If you think the argument today between bikers and joggers in the city is a big deal, then transport yourself to Atlantic Avenue in 1844. The street at the time was an extremely busy artery in Brooklyn. So much so that there was actually a Long Island Railroad train running down it. Because of the foot traffic, and the fact that it often took a train up to eight city blocks to stop, people and carriages kept getting hit. It was a major problem at the time (and the Brooklyn Dodgers were even once famously named the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers). To a