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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev


1. Tom Arnold's Roseanne 2. Kate Gosselin's Pooh 3. Jermaine Dupri's Virgin Mary Janet Jackson 4. Nick Cannon's Mariah 5. Cher's Butt Wings 6. Brad Pitt's Lines 7. Eminem's Daughter 8. Stevo's Portrait 9. Mena Suvari's Lucky Number 10. Bam Margera's Don Vito 11. Johnny Depp's Winona Later changed to "Wino Forever" 12. Dean McDermott's Tori Spelling 13. Eva Longoria's Nine? 14. Megan Fox's Butterflies 15. Melanie Griffith's Antonio 16. Angelina Jolie's Billy Bob Dragon RIP. 17. Fred Durst's Elvis/Kurt Cobain 18. Jenna Jameson's Mess 19. Jamie Foxx's Everything 20. Anastasia's Tribal Blobs 21. Stefan Marbury's Shoe Company Logo 22. Mark Wahlberg's Mark Wahlberg 23. Stephen Baldwin's "HM" Hannah Montana 24. Sylvester Stallone's Wife 25. Nicole Richie's Virgin 26. Pamela Anderson's Barbed Wire 27. Jason William's White Boy 28. Kimberly Stewart's Daddy's G


These fun airplane-window ads were created by Leo Burnett in São Paulo for Fiat. Golden Holidays consist of Malaysia Airlines packages that target the domestic market with attractive prices (flight + accommodation). The task was to cross-sell the packages to current passengers debunking the perception that traveling with Malaysia Airlines is expensive. Stickers were placed onto the pull-down meal tray on-board selected Malaysia Airlines domestic flights making the captive audience "feel" their next holiday. NH Hotels advertisement was placed on Iberia airlines headrests. On the back of the headrests you could see illustrations enjoying the different activities offered by NH Hotels: golf, beach, sauna, etc. When people sat they would see the illustration in front of them and just above the illustration's head you could see the hair of the person seating right in front as well, as if it were the illustration's own set of hair. This ad is to promote the Gillette Mac