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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

put cameras on a peregrine falcon and goshawk. prepare to be amazed

These are two of the fastest maneuvering birds in the world. Rarely do we get to see them in action, at least to this extent. But, some have decided to take it a step further by attaching cameras on the back of these magnificent creatures. And what was captured on camera for the first time ever, was proof once again, that nature in it's glory is a sight to behold. With maneuvers that would make the Blue Angles envious, these animals fly through the air with grace and confidence. Speeds of nearly 200mph, dives and turns that produce 10Gs+, maneuvering through dense forests at high speed only inches from the ground, and only a fraction of a second from impact. Sound like a Hollywood chase scene? Although, it has become the inspiration for many scenes in Hollywood, unlike Hollywood, this is real. These are the abilities of two of the fastest maneuvering birds in the world, and two of the most fierce birds of prey: the Peregrine Falcon and the Goshawk. The fastest one has ever been clo

the best movies transformations

Christian Bale lost about 70lbs in 3 months for the Machinist Charlie Sheen built muscles for Hot Shots! Part Deux Russell Crowe gained 63lbs for Body of Lies Jake Gyllenhaal gained 25lbs of muscle for Jarhead Ben Stiller build some muscles for Tropic Thunder George Clooney gained 30lbs of fat for Syriana Christian Bale packed on quite a bit of muscle of Batman Begins Linda Hamilton toned up really well for Terminator 2 Hilary Swank put on a lot of muscle of Million Dollar Baby Mr. Stallone put on about 40 lbs of fat for Copland Tom Hanks lost about 50lbs for his movie Cast Away Renee Zellweger gained a lot of weight for both Bridget Jones movies Demi Moore gained muscle for G.I.Jane doing one arm pushups Jessica Biel gained some really defined muscles for Blade Trinity Matt Damon lost 40lbs for Courage Under Fire Gerard Butler gained muscle for 300 Ed Norton (yeah the skinny dude) gained muscles for America History X Charlize Theron became ugly and gained a lot of weight for Monster E