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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

soldiers at night

12 of the world´s ugliest buildings

The construction of the Ryugyong Hotel, in Pyongyang, started in 1987 and stopped in 1992 due to lack of funds. The basic structure of the building was finished but without any elevation, creating this monster. The Edificio Mirador in Madrid, Spain, was developed by Dutch architects MVRDV. The building reaches 63.4 meters in height with 21 stories. The highlight of this building is the large central hole which is 36.8 meters above the ground. It's the large lookout area that provides inhabitants with a community garden and a space from where they can contemplate the skyline.Different colors represent different blocks with its own planning, which offer at least 9 different types of apartments. The Elephant Building is a a high-rise building located on Paholyothin Road & Ratchadaphisek Road in Bangkok, Thailand. The Kaden building, in Louisville, KY, USA. While the Boston City Hall, in Massachusetts, USA, was hip for it's time, the concrete structure now gets routin